Aluminum fencing in Norwalk

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Aluminum fencing in Norwalk | WestChesterFences

Westchester Fence recently completed a project of aluminum fencing in Norwalk, Connecticut, showcasing a sophisticated black aluminum fence design. This meticulously chosen style not only complements the property’s stonewall foundation but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. By strategically core-drilling black aluminum fence posts into the wall, we achieved a seamless and enduring combination of beauty and durability. 


In order to meet Norwalk’s stringent six-foot fence height restrictions, we implemented a creative solution: custom-cutting the fence to three feet. This meticulous attention to detail ensured full compliance with local codes when installed atop the three-foot stonewall. The end result is a meticulously crafted custom aluminum residential fence that promises to serve the Norwalk homeowners impeccably for many years to come, adding both charm and security to their property.

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