Glass fence in Norwalk

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Glass fence in Norwalk | WestChesterFences

Westchester Fence recently undertook a residential fencing project in Norwalk, Connecticut, highlighting a contemporary installation of glass fences in Norwalk. This sleek design choice not only enhances the property’s aesthetics but also provides a modern touch to the landscape. By employing glass panels seamlessly integrated into the surroundings, we achieved a sophisticated and durable fencing solution. 

To adhere to Norwalk’s regulations, we ensured the fence’s height and materials complied with local codes, guaranteeing both safety and compliance. The end result is a stunning glass fence that not only adds elegance to the property but also meets the specific requirements of Norwalk. This meticulously crafted installation promises to serve the Norwalk homeowners impeccably for years to come, enhancing both the visual appeal and security of their property.

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